Cybersecurity Training for Businesses

Comprehensive programs to educate your team about best online practices and equip them with tools to combat attacks


Your team may be a great asset to your business, but they can also be your weakest link if they don’t have enough cybersecurity knowledge. For several years now, hackers have been using a number of online schemes, like phishing and other social engineering, to steal company data.

Network Brainiacs will evaluate and improve your current cybersecurity policy, and educate your team about best online practices, turning them into a robust human firewall. We’ll give them access to the globe’s biggest archive of our Employee Cybersecurity Training resources, including newsletters, videos, and interactive modules. By the end of the program, your team will understand the importance of cybersecurity and be more vigilant online.

With our Employee Cybersecurity Training, you’ll receive:

  • Unlimited access – Our content library includes 500+ resources that your team can utilize
  • Tailored phishing templates – Customize events or use our pre-made templates to design directed social engineering training campaigns
  • Simulated documents – Ability to attach simulated files (available in Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, and Word formats) in your tailored phishing templates
  • New smart groups – Develop remedial learning materials, training assignments, phishing campaigns, and receive a detailed report on each user’s attributes

Some Words from Our Satisfied Clients

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