Cloud Solutions for Businesses

A centralized, feature-rich platform that allows you to access files from anywhere so you can work on the go


The cloud enables businesses to perform most of their operations online which enables employees to work securely from anywhere, using any internet-connected device. Additionally, it reduces dependence on physical assets so they won’t need to purchase or maintain unnecessary hardware

Cloud Solutions by Network Brainiacs is packed with beneficial features, such as automated updates, feature-rich programs, routine maintenance, and computing resources typically used by massive corporations. For a fixed monthly fee, we will store crucial company data in our highly secure data centers and monitor network systems around the clock to detect and resolve potential glitches before they cause any downtime.

Migrate to the cloud and benefit from:

  • Improved mobility – Securely access and edit files from any location
  • Greater scalability – Easily add and remove users as needed
  • Peace of mind – Our team is available 24/7/365 to address your concerns
  • Reduced expenses – You only have to pay for what you need

Some Words from Our Satisfied Clients

Network security and data protection are important factors that determine whether your business will succeed or fail. And achieving such robust security starts with two things: awareness and understanding. Our informative new eBook will help you learn best practices that keep your business data safe at all times.

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